Custom Box Trucks & Commercial Vans

Craft Autoworks can help solve your business’s needs. Vans and box trucks can make excellent platforms for mobile service, transportation or performance when built correctly. Our team of designers and fabricators have knowledge covering many industries, allowing us to come up with reliable solutions on time, and on budget.

Business on the Go

Food trucks aren’t the only mobile businesses. Imagine a traveling barber, mobile workshop, or law enforcement command center. A big advantage of custom box trucks or commercial vans is cost efficiency. Instead of maintaining buildings, all you have to do is maintain a commercial van! Don’t worry about rent, utilities, and other associated costs. Become a fully functional business on the go. Travel to different areas, reach new customers, and enhance your brand.

The only way to create the perfect business on wheels is to customize your ride. You need a commercial vehicle conversion to upgrade your van with notable features. Whatever your needs are, Craft Autoworks is ready to discuss your plans and help turn them into a reality.

Gone are the days of commercial vans exclusively used for shipping and delivery. Give them a brand-new life and purpose! We’re here to upgrade vehicles to support your business.

Why Choose Craft Autoworks

Why choose Craft Autoworks for custom commercial vans or box trucks? The answer is simple. We provide the best service. Our designers and fabricators have vast knowledge of various industries, and we understand your needs. Don’t waste your time on services that deliver low-quality results. You deserve a commercial vehicle that aligns with your business. Our experts have an eye for design and work to customize the perfect space.

We provide reliable solutions on time and on budget. Get with the company that gets you. Craft Autoworks proudly serves the Nevada, California, and Oregon areas. Contact us soon.

The Reliable Solution

When it comes to custom commercial trucks and vans, trust Craft Autoworks to have your back. We meet our client demands, making us the reliable solution. With a commercial van, you can travel to customers without a hitch with all your necessary supplies. We modify vans with personalized features and storage to fit your needs. Focus on operating your business with all the right components.

We’d love to hear from you. For questions or concerns, contact us today!

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