The Nomadic Cooling Air Conditioner line is the only roof top AC we install on our builds. These battery powered AC’s are light weight, energy efficient and can run for long periods of time off a lithium battery system. We prefer DC Air Conditioners as they allow the AC system to be used when off grid, eliminating the constant need for shore power or a generator. When paired with a Dual Alternator kit and 400+ amp hours of lithium, you have a rig that can stay cool anywhere.

Installation can be done in half a day on a bare cargo van.

2000 AC

  • Cost: $4700 (includes shipping)
  • Installation: $650

3000 AC

  • AC Cost: $5300 (includes shipping)
  • Installation: $650


  • Cost: $150 – $250 (depends on system)
  • Case-by-case basis

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