Introducing our new line of electrical systems, the Overland series. These systems are purpose built for integration into Overland, Off Road and Compact Camper Vehicles.

Most portable camping batteries on the market have only one high amperage DC input (solar) and very few DC outputs, while usually having a huge inverter for AC output. This means you cant charge most units quickly while driving and you can only run a couple DC appliances off them, making it a hassle of constantly swapping cords. Plus you’re paying for a large wattage inverter that you’re probably never using.

Our systems feature a dual DC to DC charger allowing you to charge up to 30 amps DC from solar or the vehicle alternator, with auto switching between then two. This means you can charge the batteries in our OES kits in a couple hours vs. other units being plugged into a cigarette outlet for a whole day. They also include multiple DC outputs allowing you to plug in fridges, lights, air compressors, phone/laptop/drone/camera chargers or anything else without having to shuffle cords constantly.


Our production Overland Electrical Systems is the OES-Pro, a Lithium Dual battery kit with Alternator, Solar, and AC charging options. It’s stocked with plenty of DC outputs to keep all your devices charged and running. The Pro model also features a 500 watt Victron inverter for 120v AC power supply. This has a 1280 watt hour capacity.



  • 100Ah Lithium Battery w/ Heating & Bluetooth
  • Kisae DC-DC w/ MPPT 30amp Charger
  • NOCO Genius 10amp 120v Charger
  • Blue Sea Breakers and Fuse Panel
  • Battery On/Off Switch
  • NEW – Built inside Nomad Fox Box


  • Shore Power via NOCO Genius Charger
  • Solar Power up to 48vdc 500 watt
  • Alternator Charging up to 14vdc 30amp


  • Two Anderson Powerpole
  • Five 12v Sockets
  • Two USB-C and Two USB QC3 Charging Ports


20.1” Long x 15.8” Wide x 9.1” Tall



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