Our pre-built van electrical systems are in stock and available for sale! Designing and installing a functional electrical system in a van can be one of the most complex parts of a conversion. We are now offering the same kits we use in our customers premium conversions for sale to DIY builders of vans and overland rigs.

These units are assembled, tested and fully connectorized for easy installation. They include an inverter, battery charger for shore power, solar charging up to 48vdc 750 watts and alternator charging up to 50 amps 12vdc.

Be sure to watch both videos below! These will answer all of the most common questions.

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  • Kisae BIC inverter/charger
  • Kisae DMT-1250 50 amp DC to DC + MPPT charger
  • Blue Sea Breakers, Fuse Panel and Battery On/Off Switch
  • Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor
  • Custom aluminum frame with ABS faceplate
  • Fully Connectorized inputs/outputs


  • Shore Power up to 30 amp 120v
  • Solar Power up to 48vdc 750 watt
  • Alternator Charging up to 14vdc 50 amp


  • Twelve 12vdc 20 amp max each line from Blue Sea Fuse Panel
  • Three (2000 watt) and Four (3000 watt) 120vac 15 amp each line from Blue Sea Breaker Panel


  • 24” Long x 12” Tall x 10” Deep

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